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The Smart Kid published in Forecast Magazine - 2016

School Board Participation Certificate - 2015
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Ann Allison of Long Beach, Ca

I read Which Way Should I Go and I loved it. It was very detailed and interested from the first page til the last page. I would recommend this book to everyone

Betty Drinkard of Banning, Ca
I liked Which Way Should I Go. I thank God that he allowed her to go through all of the situations that she has been through and that she is a strong black women today because of it so she can help others who have been through the same or going through the same experiences so that they can come out strong also.

Lillian Brown of South Carolina
I received this book from my son and the chapter on dreams got my attention I started reading this book on my flight to Calif and just before I walked on stage I had to finish this book so the person ushering myself down had to wait. Finally done and I felt confident in myself and what I was doing ..this book is great she went thru alot but she hung in and just like myself were Christians God will take care of us...

Lorenzo Joseph of Banning, Ca
I grew up with this lady she was always a bit different but I liked her  she didn't want to be bothered she would go inside the house an slam the door as the years moved on  I watched her growth the book titled: Which Way Should I Go?  Made me so proud of her as she spoke the truth on her life...sorry for all the hurt you have been through yet Congratulations Evelyn I thank God that I have a Beautiful wife as an Author Love you sweetheart.


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